Q) Can I run Sports Sounds Pro as two programs on one machine, and utilize multiple audio outputs from my computer at once>?

  • A) Yes it's possible, here's what one user recounted to us.


Something I've been playing with (and having good success) is running two copies of Sports Sounds Pro on a single PC with a $47 Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card. The sound quality out of this card is superior to the Creative Labs Sound Blaster/Audigy and the price is do-able for even the worst A/V budgets.

The card has 3 stereo outputs and you can address each of them as a separate .wav device in Windows. Because of this, I get 3 separate stereo feeds on our audio console, which makes playing multiple sounds easy and also gives me the ability to cue/edit tracks during the event. Dual monitors is a HUGE plus here.

This also gives us a "spare" audio output, which I have routed as the Windows default device. This gives me a dedicated cue channel for programs other than Sports Sounds Pro and also allows us to browse the 'net during the game without worrying about an embedded audio clip in a webpage going out over the PA. The bad news is that the Santa cruz card isn't in production anymore, still waiting to hear if their new Catalina card does this.

-A Happy Customer