Q) Does Sports Sounds Pro work on Macs?


A) Sports Sounds Pro was written for the PC platform and not the MAC platform.  However, there are many users running it on MACS.  We are not MAC experienced and cannot supply support for the MAC platform. 

BEFORE you purchase Sports Sounds Pro, download the demo version and try it out.  To the best of our knowledge, you will need to install Apple's Bootcamp Software (apple.com/bootcamp) which is free and will allow you to run Windows XP or Vista on your Mac. If you would prefer to be able to run Mac applications and SSP side by side, then you will need to purchase a copy of Parallels (parallels.com) Desktop for Mac for around $79 and then you would be able to run Windows XP or Vista together inside a window in Mac OS X.

There are a number of useful articles that tell you how to run PC applications on a MAC, just use Google to search for them.