Release 4.3 Build 10 - 11/28/2003

  • Corrected a bug that was causing a "memory leak" which was the probable cause of the "freeze up on terminate" problem.

Release 4.3 Build 09 - 11/08/2003

  • Corrected a bug introduced in Build 08 where the cursor was not being reset from an hourglass symbol when a new .set file was opened.
  • Added a "Print" option button to all the sound button lists under the Tools menu selection.

Release 4.3 Build 08 - 10/29/2003

  • Updated the Help text.
  • Added code to eliminate the "Lock Up on Terminate" bug.

Release 4.3 Build 07 - 10/19/2003

  • Upgraded the program Help to utilize Microsoft's Compiled Help.

Release 4.3 Build 06 - 10/07/2003

  • Added a new utility under Tools called "Verify Sound Buttons" that scans all button assignments and produces a list of those that are not pointing to a file. The button's color is also changed to purple.
  • Purple buttons are bypassed by PlayLists.
  • If a PlayList finds a button not pointing to a file, rather than stop with an error, it sets the button to purple and continues.
  • Corrected a minor bug in "Edit Sound Button" that was not resetting a deleted button back to Teal.
  • Re-coded the Terminate process in an effort to eliminate the program locking up on termination (mostly encountered by Windows XP users).

06/24/2003 Build 05

  • Corrected a problem with Windows XP when selecting multiple file in "Add Sound Button".
  • Added code to explicitly terminate the program to avoid an intermittent problem with Windows XP in not closing out the program when the user exits.
  • Some users have been reporting a "Bass Initialization" error that is intermittant. The BASS Initialization process has been moved within the program and this should eliminate that problem.
  • Added a new selection under Help which displays the version of Windows running on the user's computer.

Release 4.3 Build 04 - 04/18/2003

  • Removed the "Reset All" button from the desktop. That function is now only available from the "File" selection on the menu.
  • Added a "Voice Over" button that when clicked will fade the volume to a predetermined level set by the user to allow the user to make announcements or introduce players. When clicked a second time, the volume will fade back in to the original level. NOTE: Hot Key volume will not be affected by this button.
  • Added a new tab called "Voice Over" under the Setup/ Options menu. The user can set the "Voice Over" button to blink or just light up when active, set the Voice Over Volume Level and the Voice Over Fade time in seconds.
  • Added code to continue displaying an "hourglass" cursor while the program is loading.
  • Added a display on the desktop to show when "Rapid Fire Mode" is active.

Release 4.3 Build 03 - 03/26/2003

  • Corrected a minor bug where the "Reset", "Reset All" and "Mark as played" were not restoring the button to the proper unplayed color. The routines were setting it to the color the user assigned to buttons.
  • Added a verification prompt screen to the "Reset All" button to provide a way to cancel if accidentally clicked.
  • Corrected the "Next" and "Cross Fade" buttons so they will accept button color changes.

Release 4.3 Build 02 - 03/24/2003

  • Corrected a bug that was causing a "Play List" to continue playing after a Hot Key was hit.
  • Corrected a bug that allowed you to mark a "Place Marker" or a "Locked" button as "Played".
  • Correct some minor focus problems with the Place Marker screen, the Edit Sound Button Screen and the List Hot Keys screen.
  • Corrected a bug with the "Next" key that was preventing the playlist from continuing when the "Next" key was used to make the initial selection.

Release 4.3 Build 01 - 03/11/2003

  • Replaced multi-choice selections for the Faders. Users can now enter FadeIn, FadeOut, and CrossFade times in tenths of a second.
  • Hot Key button replaced by a "Next" button. This button is only active for Play List/Shuffle pages. When clicked, it will make a random selection and play it.
  • Fixed a bug in the hot key logic that was causing buttons to stay green and not changing to red.
  • Replaced the "Reset Sound Button" right click option with a "Mark as Played On/Off" option that allows the user to toggle between played (red) and not played.
  • Modified the "Insert Place Marker" form and the "Change Sound Button" form to activate the data input box.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Page Cut" logic that was retaining blank buttons and not switching them back to Teal.
  • Modified the "Find" and "List Sound Buttons" forms to allow the user to play a sound from that form by double clicking on it or navigating to it with the Page Up/Page Down or arrow keys and hitting the "Enter" key.

Release 4.2 Build 02 - 02/24/2003

  • Fixed bug in Clock and Timer displays.
  • Added option for Hot Keys to be "Program Generated" or "Set By User".
  • Increased size of Hot Key background to make it more readable.
  • Fixed bug in logic switching between "Shuffle" and "Shuffle All".
  • Corrected pop-up hints for Fader settings.
  • Fixed "Fade Out" bug where the button was not being left on after Fade Out completed.

Release 4.2 Build 01 - 02/19/2003

  • Added a Cross-fade button.
  • Faders now have new code, they will blink when active.
  • Fade In, Fade Out, and Cross-fade can be set independently.
  • Fader settings now in seconds.
  • Bug in "Shuffle All" fixed.
  • New option for Notes - "Always Visible" added. It really is a display time of one hour.
  • Buffer lengths of up to five seconds now supported.

Release 4.1 Build 01 - 02/14/2003

  • Removed the "New", "Open", "Save", "Exit" buttons from the main screen. The first three are seldom used and can still be accessed via the "File" section of the main menu.
  • Re-organized and re-sized the remaining control buttons.
  • Added a new Tab under Setup/Options called "Notes", the user can now select the amount of time they want the Note to be visible for.
  • Fixed a bug in the calling of the ramdom function (Shuffle) so it now resets the "seed".
  • Added a new option setting in the Setup/Options/General that allows the user to select between two types of behavior when clicking on a sound that is already playing. Sports Sound Pro used to replay the sound, now you can choose between Replay it or Stop it.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a display of sound panel times on current page when the sound from another page was playing.