Release 4.4 Build 21 - 10/07/2005

  • Corrected a bug in button drag where the Place Marker font was not being set properly.
  • Removed a quick 50 milli-second fade-in from the play sound routine. It was inserted in Build 19 to eliminate the possibility of an audible click when going from no sound to instant sound. This resulted in a problem where some sound clips were missing their first beat.

Release 4.4 Build 20 - 08/27/2005

  • User Interface Changes have been made.
  • Dimmed out the F10 key in the Hot Key Keyboard Map.
  • Reversed the colors for Place Markers. Instead of being black text on a white background (which was difficult to see in bright sunlight on a laptop), they are now white text on a black background.
  • The Backslash key no longer activates a fade out and stop. The Space Bar now does double duty. Hitting it once starts a fade out and stop, hitting it a second time causes an immediate stop. When the "Enter Key Stop" option is active, then the Enter key behaves the same as the space bar.
  • The Edit Button and Edit Mode are now gone. Everything is now done via the right mouse click.
  • To make it easier on novice users, the empty Page Buttons are now visible at all times.
  • The numeric keypad keys will now activate the same hot keys as the number keys on the regular keyboard.

Release 4.4 Build 19 - 07/07/2005

  • Corrected a bug in the Tools/List(s) selections when working with .set files with more then 3,456 assigned buttons. This bug was introduced in Build 4.4.9 when the fifth group was added. My test data wasn't large enough to catch it until I tried the new Duplicate Check (from Build 4.4.18) on my game data. A copy of my game data has now become my test data.
  • Corrected a bug in Instant Play where it was not recognizing sound clips with Custom Cue Control settings.
  • Corrected a bug in the Roster and Lineups file name assignment routine.
  • Added tracer logic to the Instant Play feature.
  • Added a very quick 50 milli-second fade-in as part of the play sound function to eliminate the possibility of an audible click when going from no sound to instant sound.

Release 4.4 Build 18 - 07/04/2005

  • Added an Australian Football scoreboard.
  • Corrected a bug in the Tools/List Sound Buttons when trying to produce the list in alphabetical sound button sequence.
  • Changed the Roster and Lineups to retain the file name of the loaded data.
  • Added a new Tool to do a duplicate check.
  • Added the Instant Play feature.
  • Modified the Pause routine to pause all sounds when in Multi-Play mode.

Release 4.4 Build 17 - 05/24/2005

  • An option was added (Setup/Options/General) to allow the Enter key to work the same as the Space Bar for those running with a USB numeric keypad. To activate this feature, click on "Enter Key Stop".
  • When a sound clip was fading out and the user turned on or off the Voice Over button, the sound clip became invisible to the program and would not respond. The only was to stop it was to exit the program. This has been corrected.
  • When in Multi-Play mode and the backslash key was used to fade out, only one sound would fade out and the others would continue and they became invisible to the program and would not respond. The only way to stop them was to exit the program. The backslash key has been made inoperable when in Multi-Play mode.
  • The color of the sound clip buttons has been corrected (some problems were encountered switching between locked/unlocked, highlighted/unhighlighted modes when the other buttons (page and control) had other than the default color.
  • Some misspellings were corrected in the Version History.
  • The Escape key will now exit the "Find" screens and most other screens.
  • You can now turn off Multi-Play while sounds are playing without having to first stop them. The Timer display is for the longest sound clip in the Multi-Play selection.
  • A problem existed with the Auto-Fade and Fade-Out combination, the sound clip would fade out but the play list would not continue. It has now been corrected.
  • The Home/End, PgUp/PgDn, Plus/Minus keys have been added to the Help page on Accelerator Keys.
  • The Backslash (\) key has been added to the list of reserved Hot Keys in the Tools/List Hot Keys.
  • When you added a file or files while a file was playing, the program would not post the total time for the new sound clip button. This has been changed to post the total time.

Release 4.4 Build 16 - 04/22/2005

  • Due to a bug, the visual indicator for a Custom Cued sound clip button was not visible. This has now been corrected.
  • A new utility has been added under "Tools" called "List Custom Cued Buttons" that produces a list of all sound clip buttons that have Custom Cue Control turned ON.

Release 4.4 Build 15 - 04/15/2005

  • More small tweaks in Tracer, Lineups, and "Custom Cue Control".
  • The contents of the CUE page is now retained between sessions.
  • A visual indicator has been added to identify when a sound clip button has had "Custom Cue Control" turned on. The button's caption will now contain an asterisk (*) in front of the text. When the "Custom Cue Control" is turned off, the asterisk will be removed.
  • The program will now retain the MultiPlay setting between sessions.
  • A Hot Key Keyboard Map has been added to the Change Sound Button screen.
  • An attempt has been made to make the use of the Scoreboard(s) easier. When the user selects one of them, the main screen is resized and repositioned to allow the scoreboard to occupy space on the same screen.

Release 4.4 Build 14 - 02/26/2005

  • More small tweaks, corrected the button color in PlayList/Shuffle/Loop situations.
  • The PAUSE button will now respond to the FADE-IN and FADE-OUT settings. With both of these ON the sound will fade-out then pause, hitting pause again will cause it to fade in from the spot where it was paused.
  • Coding has been entered to bypass reporting volume setting errors when dealing with USB output devices that are not SoundBlaster compatible sound cards.
  • The ability to have the program start a sound clip other than at the beginning has been provided. This feature is called "Custom Cue Control" and allows you to set a start point. To access this feature, right click on a sound clip button, select "Edit Sound Button" and from the screen presented, click on the "Custon Cue Control" button.

Release 4.4 Build 13 - 02/09/2005

  • Upgrade to BASS Version 2.1 sound engine.
  • A number of small tweaks have been made, among them:
    • The error routine will no longer abort on invalid file types.
    • If Multi-Play is ON, you now cannot turn it off while sounds are playing, you must stop them first.
    • In Manual mode, when you moved around the screen, the sound buttons you moved over were being set to the page button color, they are now left the way they were.
    • Several places where users were getting the error message "Invalid Handle" have been corrected.
  • The problems from last November and December (Build 9, Build 9a, Build 10, and Build 11) that resulted in some users experiencing "Access Violation" errors were finally traced to a bug in the program. When a sound ended before the fade or cross fade completed, the resources used by that sound were not being freed up. A corrected version of Build 11 was sent to a user who was experiencing this problem on a regular basis and it now works on his system.