Sports Sounds Pro does not require a lot of processor power.

It will run on desktop and laptop PCs running:

-  Windows 95

-  Windows 98

-  Windows ME

-  Windows 2000

-  Windows XP

-  Windows Vista

-  Windows 7

-  Windows 8

-  Windows 8.1

-  Windows 10

It should run on any Windows based PC (except NT) made within the last several years.

It will also run on the new crop of netbook/ultra-book computers.  It will also work on tablets running the full version of Windows (not Windows 8 RT).

Sports Sounds Pro also requires Direct X version 8.0 or greater.

The heaviest system requirement is a hard drive big enough to hold all the user's sound files, at least a 60 MB hard drive is recommended.

For those who care, the program was written in Delphi 5.0.

NOTE: SPORTS SOUNDS PRO was written for the pc platform.  It will not run on a MAC in its native format.  There are users running it on Macs using dual boot software or other software that creates a virtual pc machine on the Mac.  We do not and cannot provide support for Mac users.